Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Little ones

One of the most difficult tasks in photography is to portray a child. You can never get a kid to sport a single expression or to have him stay in a place for more than 10 seconds. Children are honest. If they don't like something they will let you know immediately instead of beating around the bush. While taking children's portraits, always make sure to have a good sense of humour and patience. Kids are always prone to mood swings and this is one of the key challenges while capturing child photographs.

Tiny feet
Tiny feet and hands: things you should not miss when taking photographs of babies. 
Tiny Hand

Getting candid children's portraits mostly depends on luck. 
Captured during a wedding
Catching them in conversation or at play in groups. 

My name is Zoé

My name is Raghav

My name is Léa

My name is Tania

My name is Yéhaan

My name is Joshua

My name is Akush

 The key to have a nice session which can yield pleasant children's photographs is creating an atmosphere of comfort.

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